About OspreyCRM – what makes us different.

Born of a need.

Most CRM’s are just glorified filing cabinets. What makes OspreyCRM different? The tools that we have included for you in the Individual and Team Packages.

This has allowed us to provide you with “Smart Automations” delivering sequences that are designed to communicate directly with your potential clients, providing a reliable, repeatable automated communication system.

There are pre-built Campaigns available for a number of industries including Mortgage, Car Sales, Real Estate and more …

Real Estate Agents are in for a treat as we have created Campaigns based on Garry Keller’s proven principals – the 33 Touch Program and 8 x 8 Campaigns. These are pre-written (editable) for you to get started without delay!

Osprey’s are cool!

Osprey’s (Pandion haliaetus) also known as Sea or River Hawks feed exclusively on fish caught from rivers or the ocean.

Ospreys usually mate for life and typically catch a fish on at least 1 out of 4 attempts. They are relentless in their efforts. They need to fish to survive.

We eat what we kill …

Bit like us humans in a way. We need to land prospects in order to eat.

Osprey trivia

In Buddhism, the osprey is sometimes represented as the “King of Birds”, especially in ‘The Jātaka: Or, Stories of the Buddha’s Former Births’ ,

In 1994, the osprey was declared the provincial bird of Nova Scotia, Canada

Osprey’s often hover briefly before diving, feet first, to grab a fish. 

The Osprey is smaller than a Bald Eagle; larger and longer-winged than a Red-tailed Hawk.

The Osprey is found on every continent except Antarctica, although in South America it occurs only as a non-breeding migrant.

This sort of Osprey!

No – not a Military Osprey – that’s a vertical take off and landing, combat support and troop carrier!
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