Why Should You Send Video Emails?

In today’s digital age, video is an ideal way to present yourself in a more personal way to get your message across. If you are shy or hesitate to commit to filming yourself please get over it. You and your personality are unique and valuable – show your prospects who you are!

There are many benefits sending a video email.

First of all, people can see how you react and respond in the moment which helps them understand your personality better, without even meeting you in person. People can also be more receptive when they watch a video because the human brain processes visual information 60 times faster than text.

Creating the video.

Select Video Email from the options and you will be offered a couple of suggestions. You can record a video using your webcam, upload a new one or choose on already uploaded.

You may also add text to the email message. Then you can configure the date and time of delivery.

When the video email arrives it will contain an animated GIF as a placeholder for the video to gain maximum attention when the email is opened. When clicked it opens a branded landing page (hosted by us) – powerful stuff!

Sending a video email to a potential customer

Note that the recipient can reply directly to you on the landing page. The message will appear in your unified Inbox in your account.

To get similar features with Bonjoro it’s $33/mo with BombBomb it’s $49/mo

Included. We charge nothing extra for this feature.

Note: This is not intended as a critique or direct price comparison of other 3rd party applications, but as an example of cost savings.

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