Benefits of Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Next-generation SMS campaigns use cell phone text messaging to promote your goods and services. They are not that much different from old-fashioned text messages sent over a cellular network. Even offline sales calls are increasingly being made via Text Message or Voicemail.

OspreyCRM offers next-generation SMS campaigns with a custom number matched to your area code. Using our “Smart Automations” Osprey sends out SMS messages and MSM (multi-media message) to potential customers. This is done by automating a series of messages that we know will be effective for the target customer or group of customers.

Take note! SMS Marketing can typically result in open rates around 82%. Studies show that text messaging that include a URL achieve click-through rates of 36% on average.

Twilio, sms provider.

When SMS messaging is mixed with the delivery of emails, voicemails, postcards and calls, the results can be outstanding!

Text messaging is incorporated as one of the many components in the 33 Touch for Realtors marketing program.

To send or set up a text message in OspreyCRM select Text from the Campaign options and compose your message for immediate delivery or in a Campaign sequence.

Test message and SMS multimedia messaging

If you choose Image/Audio/PDF you can upload a new clip.

This feature supports sending any .jpg, .png, .gif, .mpeg, .mp4, .quicktime, .3gp, .pdf file up to 5 MB in size in a text message, also known as an MMS – multi-media message. Again you will be offered delivery options in the Campaign.

Conclusion: There’s No Better Time than Now to Start an SMS Messaging Campaign

The use of these campaigns in marketing is becoming more and more popular because of the low cost and effectiveness. Text campaigns are a great way to reach a large number of people in your niche using the one channel with the best open rates.

Text campaigns can be done in many different ways. They can be targeted at specific audiences or sent out to the general public; they can contain information about products or services on offer and they can include offers for free items or reports or they could simply contain an advertisement about a business or an event that you want to promote.

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