The Millionaire Real Estate Agent – A Lead Generation Model

This ground breaking book from Gary Keller (of Keller Williams) and Jay Papasan changed and still continues to change the way many Real Estate Agents practice.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent was first published back in 2004 and expanded on models that were already proven over time. This video is an explanation of how the model had adjusted in 2009 and yes, even though that’s still some time ago, the concept is just as valid now as it was back then.

Gary Keller author of the best selling boo "The Millionaire Real estate Agent"
Gary Keller

The concept of Met and Haven’t met in relation to contacts remain a constant.

If you have already read the previous 33 Touch, 8 x8 and 12 x 12 article, you will be familiar with both the concepts and the structure of what you about to learn from one of Real estate’s most outstanding teachers. The book itself is a somewhat heavy read, but it all comes together here in the video:

“Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done, even though you don’t want to.”

If you have not yet read the The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, we recommend that you read Top Producing agent Bart Vickrey’s concise book notes. He describes the book as “Pound for pound, word for word, this is the greatest real estate agent success book ever written! I still remember when the book came out back in 2004. The business model laid out in the book is still for the most part applicable today.”

When the book was first published, CRM’s were not common place.

In fact the first commercial desktop products were only just introduced in the late 1990’s. Since then the industry has evolved and improved with many available products, but it’s easy to get mired down by all the choices.

OspreyCRM is part of a new breed that’s gone beyond just being a glorified filing cabinet and offers what we call “Smart Automations” – a pre-built (or build your own) sequence of direct communication with your potential customer using the latest technology available:

NOTE: Osprey CRM has pre-built “Smart Automation” Campaigns for both the 33 Touch and 8 x 8 Programs.

  • Ringless Voicemail – leave messages for contacts without their phone ringing
  • Video Emails – record and send emails with embedded video messages
  • Call Bridge – when new leads arrives, we will call and offer to transfer the call to the new prospect
  • Text messaging – automated the delivery of text message marketing over time (drip)
  • Email messaging – automated the delivery of email messages over time (drip)
  • Form builder – build you own forms and use them anywhere
  • Calendar – allow your prospects to make appointments with you online.
  • Facebook/Zapier – automate populating your CRM with leads from Facebook and other lead generation sites.

All these great features and functions can be automated, making the task of scaling your lead nurturing systems faster, easier and most of all – all in one place and affordable.

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