How to Use Ringless Voicemails to Promote Your Business

The average person spends several hours a day on their mobile phone, but that doesn’t mean they want to answer your call. Some people might be in a meeting or busy with another task, while others might just not feel like talking to anyone. Many consumers will not even answer a call from an unknown number.

Ringless voicemails are a relatively new concept. They are messages that are left without the the customers phone ringing. As a bonus some mobile providers will text the subscriber with a transcription of the message.

OspreyCRM makes this new technology available to you in our “Smart Marketing” Campaigns. Simply choose the Voice Mail option, choose a day and a time in the sequence, record the message (or select one already recorded) and sit back and let the automation take place. Note that the ringless voicemails message can be sent immediately too.

What to say in a recorded Ringless Voicemails message.

For the best results work from a script and don’t make it too polished. A few um’s here and there will make it sound less like a recording.

Here’s and example:

Hi, this is Josh from Evergreen Realty. Just wanted to check in and ask if you had, um any questions about the information I sent you last week. As always, I’m here to help you if you need suggestions for contractors and other services, um and delighted to help any of your friends that are looking to move soon … Thanks again and um talk soon!

Sound like too many um’s? Record yourself on the next few calls to friends or clients – the number of um’s and err’s will probably shock you!


Ringless voicemails have been growing in popularity as a marketing tactic, because they’re less invasive and more effective than traditional phone calls. They are also included as part of the sequence in our pre-built 33 touch for Realtors Program.

Very similar functions to SlyBroadcast. Example: $25/mo for 300.

We charge $0.05 per vm (300 = $15)

Note: This is not intended as a critique or direct price comparison of other 3rd party applications, but as an example of cost savings.

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