How to add a Calendar for prospects to book appointments with you.

The OspreyCRM Calendar is a cool way for your potential clients to make appointments with you without the back and forth trying to agree on a suitable day and time. The calendar can be configured in multiple ways:

  • You may set up virtual or location based appointments.
  • You’ll be able to block out times you are unavailable for your prospects to make appointments with you.
  • Can set personalized follow up emails and text reminders.
  • Set confirmation page or custom URL.
  • Automatically enroll prospect in a “Smart Automation” campaign.
  • Set confirmation page or divert to a custom URL.
  • Calendar can be hosted by OspreyCRM or embedded on a web page of your choice.

Here is the setup screen for the Calendar app:

Here is a hosted example:

Similar functions to Calendly. A subcription with email & SMS features cost $12/mo

Included. We charge nothing extra for this feature.

Note: This is not intended as a critique or direct price comparison of other 3rd party applications, but as an example of cost savings.

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