Create Web Forms using Drag and Drop

Forms on website pages are nothing new, but the ability to feed the results of the form directly into your database can be a challenge to set up and often at extra expense.

OspreyCRM has a Drag and Drop form editor that makes the building of your form a real breeze!

Drag any field over to the builder and build your form your way.

You have a ton of choices including notes that can instruct the user how to complete the form.

Once you have saved the form you have 3 choices on how to use it:

You can embed the form in a webpage of your choice using the embed or html codes provided OR link to a page hosted by us. Here is an example of a hosted form:

A 3rd party provider Formsite offers similar features. Pricing starts at $24.95/mo

Included. We charge nothing extra for this feature.

Note: This is not intended as a critique or direct price comparison of other 3rd party applications, but as an example of cost savings.

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