Add up your savings with OspreyCRM

This is how much you would have to pay separately for some of our integrated tools
including Calendar, Ringless Voicemail, Form Builder and Video Emails.

This makes OspreyCRM look cheap and you would also have to try to make them all work together!

Total cost savings:

SkyBroadcast$25 (less $15)*
Form Builder$24.95
Total$79.95 *
* $12 adjustment for ringless voicemails


Similar functions to Calendly. A subcription with email & SMS features cost $12/mo

Included. We charge $0 for this feature.


Ringless voicemail

Very similar functions to SlyBroadcast. Example: $25/mo for 300.

We charge $0.05 per vm (300 = $15)


Form Builder

Formsite offers similar features. Pricing starts at $24.95/mo

Included. We charge $0 for this feature.


Video Email

To get similar features with Bonjoro it’s $33/mo with BombBomb it’s $49/mo

Included. We charge $0 for this feature.

Note: This is not intended as a critique or direct price comparison of other 3rd party applications, but as an example of cost savings.

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