8 x 8 Guide

These contacts are usually in an 8 X 8 program before receiving 36 touches. Click for a full description of how and why this works for this audience.

Contacts on your phone
Your friends (including your old high school pals)
Your extended family
Your partner’s coworkers
Your partner’s friends
Your kids’ friends or their parents

Facebook and LinkedIn contacts
Anyone you interact with regularly – doctor, dentist, hair stylist, accountant
Past coworkers (even if your last job was an intern)
Your kids’ teachers and other school workers
Members of social groups such as Parent Teachers, Rotary, Specialist Clubs

The 8 X 8 program is delivered weekly and will firmly imprint your brand in the prospects mind. It usually precedes the 36 touch program.

NOTE: All the pre-written items are editable, so please review in the app and personalize as you wish. There are some touches that need to be recorded (ringless voicemail and video emails) but there are only 3 items.

We suggest you map out the scripts and record them all in one sitting to get it over and done with 😉 Should not take more than 30 minutes.

See tutorial for how to and what to say on a voicemail. This tutorial will demonstrate how to record a video email. Several small gift suggestions here.

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