36 Touch Guide

Here is the 36 Touch Smart Automation sequence for your SOI – your sphere of influence – can include these sources.

Contacts on your phone
Your friends (including your old high school pals)
Your extended family
Your partner’s coworkers
Your partner’s friends
Your kids’ friends or their parents

Facebook and LinkedIn contacts
Anyone you interact with regularly – doctor, dentist, hair stylist, accountant
Past coworkers (even if your last job was an intern)
Your kids’ teachers and other school workers
Members of social groups such as Parent Teachers, Rotary, Specialist Clubs

These contacts are usually in an 8 X 8 program ( 8×8 guide) before receiving 36 touches. Click for a full description of how and why this works for this audience.

You need to call, text, email and snail-mail, because you will connect with each person in your database a different way.

NOTE: All the items are editable, so please review in the app and personalize as you wish. There are some touches that need to be recorded (ringless voicemail and video emails) but there are only 6 items over 12 months.

We suggest you map out the scripts and record them all in one sitting to get it over and done with 😉 Should not take more than an hour (or two).

See tutorial for how to and what to say on a voicemail. This tutorial will demonstrate how to record a video email.

Handwritten Thank You Cards

There is a great tutorial on Refer8’s site – complete with free printable templates you can customize using a free Canva account, along with some useable (and affordable) print suggestions.

Newsletter Sources:

DIY suggestions – there are several ways you can create and print and mail newsletters yourself. If you are a newer agent with limited funds, this is the way to go!

Canva has some awesome free newsletter real estate templates that you can customize: Some have content you may be able to use, but others require your images and your own text. Canva is easy to use and some features can be saved without a subscription.

Etsy has quite the selection of affordable newsletter templates many of which can be edited in Canva. Typical pricing is in the $10 to $50 range. This $20 template is a great example of one you could mail yourself.

Fastnewsletters is a great pre-written option at $13 a month for print ready original. Here is a 2 page example – there are a number of templates than can be customized if you wish to replace some of the articles and images.

Once you have your print ready newsletter you could print on your own printer (if you have small batches) or use an online printer – upload the template and either receive the newsletters ready for you to mail.

Prospects Plus Upload your own or customize one of their templates. 250 printed newsletters cost 0.41c each

Full service – print and mail

Design to Mail offers pre-written but customizable templates that are both printed and mailed – 250 for 95c each including postage.

Or check out The Mail Works newsletters printed from 24c each plus USPC Marketing Mail costs between $0.17 and $0.34 each piece. This is a cheaper alternative but templates are in Adobe InDesign format – which can be edited for free in web based LucidPress. Requires time and a little learned skill.

Small Gift suggestions:

Consider sending magnetic calendars – UPrinting will print 500 for 0.12c each. Sticks to fridges.

You might also look at printed key tags at around $1 per piece. Cheaper options are available.

Custom Playing cards are another (more expensive) option running $5 – $6 per pack.

Printed notepads might work too at around $1.18 each for 250.

Annual Appreciation Parties

An event does not have to cost a fortune but it does need to be appropriate to your invite list. If you clients are prominently families than a family-friendly outdoor BBQ lunch on the weekend would be perfect, but if your client base trends older, you might consider a wine happy hour with hors d’ oeuvres instead. 

If you decide to host a cocktail party or dinner, consider hiring a band. The singer could act as an emcee, promoting your stellar client service and even ask for referrals between songs without you having to self-promote at the party! You could co-host with a mortgage broker to lower costs too.

Booking a screen at the local cinema is a strong idea, again audience appropriate, right?! Make it special with popcorn, a drink and a raffle ticket for a door prize.

This would be fun – but for a very special audience 😉

Whatever event you decide to put on make it a photo opportunity with either a fun photo booth or a photographer to capture the fan and share the images later with your attendees and tagged social media posts.

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